Marina Dorell
The story of my life.


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Loose Tile
In Dim Lights
Porteña Sillhouete


Music by: Florindo Sassone and Julio Boccazzi
Lyricist: Dante Gilardoni
Rap: Deedaz Benitez
English adaptation: M. Dorell (ASCAP), E. Axford (ASCAP), M. Dela Pola (BMI)

VERSE 1 & 2
I carry the dance in my blood
I’ve always been this way
My life is in the Milonga
And I shall follow
this road all my days

I never wanted to love only one
That’s why many affairs I’ve known
My Destiny I have gambled
And if I’ve lost I’ll pay and go

A rebel I am who always
Breaks free from the chains of love
I fly with the wind at my back
I arrive, make love, and move on

Like a loose tile, I jump up
If someone steps very hard on me
I don’t know how to love
My love has gone
I’ll dance throughout
life with my song

My girl Marina, she’s a fly Latina.
Have you seen her?
Met her in Argentina
doin’ shows at the theater.
She says she’s down with hip hop
and wants to learn the culture.
I started teachin’ her the elements,
till we got closer.
She started singin’ songs,
I started rappin’ to her.
And then I hit a box of beats 
So we could mix the two up.
This is it now. We got Tanguersa hoppin’,
Some steady rockin’ , pop lockin’ keepin’
Speakerknockin’, to keep the club jumpin’
And the D.J. cuttin’, so stop frontin’,
Get on the floor and just move somethin’
So where’s my people at?
Let’s see you do somethin’.

VERSE 3 & 4
Sometimes memories without mercy
Come to wet my eyes
And bring again from a distance
His passion and painful lies.

So I’ll put myself together
And whisper as I pray
My life is in the Milonga
I know I’ll dance my life away

Girl now, it’s my turn. Now watch me switch the sample. And flip my Kangol to different angles, to this Ratango I know you still love me, why won’t you just admit it. Girl just quit it, you know to music, I’m so commited. Stay spittin’ them flows, stay rockin’ them shows. Stay makin’ that dough, when on the road. I like thethings you’re doin’, your voice is so sooyhin’. So just do it, Come on, come on, come on.

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Music by: Edgardo Donato
Lyricist: Carlos Cesar Lenzi
Rap: Deedaz Benitez
English adaptation: M. Dorell (ASCAP), E. Axford (ASCAP), M. Dela Pola (BMI)

VERSE 1 & 2
At 348 behind Main Street,
the second floor is for love,
There’s no doorman
and no neighbors
Dim lights come from above.

Asecret room for lovers,
piano, table, satin sheets, 
A telephone that we won’t answer
As we’re dancing cheek to cheek.

Tangos I have memories of,
A cat made of china,
That can’t meow at our love.

With candle light around us,
this dance has just begun,
Magic in our kisses,
our bodies move as one.

With twilight all around,
our shadows dance above,
Hands soft as velvet,
in this room designed for love.

Verse 3 & 4
At Broadway 1224,
call when you want to come,
Afternoon tea with pastries,
Night-time tangos and love.

On Sundays we go dancing,
on Mondays emptiness,
Secret fantasies come to life,
under the shade of moonlight.

It’s a fancy boutique,
with pillows on the bed,
Like a table set for love.

Come on girl I’ve been waiting for this
Move your body to the side,
you’re my favorite dish
Move your body nice and slow,
to the rhythm of the tango
Loose control, come on let’s go,
Come on let’s go, come on let’s go
I can tell how you’re feeling,
by the way you’re breathing
The passion inside you is revealing
Like a mirror don’t be shy
You show me what you got inside
Show me something new,
and I’ll show you too.
There’s no telling what we can do
There’s no telling what we can do
Takes two to tango, just me and you
Sing it, sing it

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Music by: Los Hermanos Cucaro
Lyricist: Orlando D’aniello y Ernesto Noli
English adaptation: M. Dorell (ASCAP), E. Axford (ASCAP), M. Dela Pola (BMI)

VERSE 1 & 2
When I go walking
on a Buenos Aires evening
On the sidewalk
my steletto heels are tapping
Like the sound
of a melodious Milonga,
In the street I mark the beat
as if I’m clapping.

As I walk it seems
I’m dancing to the rhythm
I’m glad that there are
men around me staring,

In my body there’s the
pride of the porteña,
And my sihouette in heels
is oh, so daring.

Buenos Aires evening,
with a sky so clear
In my hair I’m wearing
a band that is so dear
An Argentine Vinchita,
proudest of possessions
Oh, there’s so much sunshine
in my eyes’ expression.

VERSE 3 & 4
The compliments that
all the boys imply
Are like flowers
they give me as I pass by
I pick them up
and place them in my hair
By the Vinchita
I so proudly wear.
Now my body and
my pride are saying
While my provacative
stilettos beat around me:
“I am the essence
of the Espritu Criollo,”
And the most beautiful Porteña
They have crowned me.